A baker called Mrs Dumpling, cried two tiny tears into her fairy cake mix and then magically 28 minutes later, out from her oven appeared the little Dumpling Dolls. Fresh baked friends for whenever a special friend is kneaded……………..

A problem shared
Is a problem halved
A Dumpling knows this well
so if ever there’s a problem
they’ll be on hand to tell.

The most magical ingredient in the story of the Dumpling Dolls is you. Hopefully through your friendship with your own doll, the legend of Mrs Dumpling will continue to rise and stay fresh and magical for generations to come.

Today, although no longer made from Dough, each Dumpling is handcrafted making sure no two Dumpling dolls are ever created quite the same.

Best stored in loving homes, Dumpling Dolls are available either sitting (plain) or standing (self-raising) Please note they can’t do both. Standing they are 9 inches / 22cm tall. Produced for friendship and decorative purposes only, they’re not intended as play items for little people under 36 months of age.

No matter what age we are or how tall we grow,
we all need special friends.

Whether you are already acquainted with our work or this is your first introduction, we thank you for your interest and hope that you will enjoy your visit to our gallery on line.